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Do you need assistance recovering from a disaster? We specialize in disaster response for hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, wildfires and more.

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Standing in the aftermath of a natural disaster or other catastrophic event, the hurdles seem insurmountable and disaster recovery seems impossible -- to those who haven’t been through it before. But at Orange Disaster Recovery, dealing with the aftermath of hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, wildfires and other large-scale catastrophic events is our business. And it’s a business we take seriously.

If you’ve experienced a catastrophic loss and are ready to get things back on track, Orange Disaster Recovery is here for you. Why not call now for more about how we can help with flood damage cleanup, water damage restoration, fire damage restoration and more?

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What You Can Expect From Orange Disaster Recovery

As a professional emergency response and disaster recovery company, Orange Disaster Recovery is there when catastrophes strike to pick up the pieces and get things back to normal. Our team of professionals make the following quality assurances to you:

  • We're poised to be your partner in the cleanup and restoration process, making sure damages are mitigated, critical operations are restored and things are back like they should be as quickly as possible.
  • We have the most experienced team of disaster recovery professionals, not untested subcontractors. With strong institutional ethics, we tackle every situation in the most economical and sensible manner possible.
  • We make expert customer service a priority. This means you should settle for nothing less than 100 percent satisfaction because we settle for nothing less than 100 percent quality in every aspect of our service.
  • We subscribe to the strictest health and safety standards so that our employees stay safe and healthy and the job stays on track and on schedule.
  • We offer complete end-to-end disaster recovery services that include completion of all restoration efforts and new construction when necessary. We don't leave until the job is complete.
  • We make contacting us easy since we're available 24 hours of every day -- and we're available across the United States and beyond.
  • We have equipment of our own and don't depend on rentals like some competitors do, speeding our response to any disaster recovery need.

Top-Level Disaster Recovery Services

We're more than a mop-up and haul-away company. We offer complete disaster recovery services from first response to safety testing after restoration is complete. Among our array of professional remediation and restoration services are the following:

  • Hospital services that take into consideration the unique infection-control and dust-containment needs of medical institutions during remediation and restoration.
  • Microbial testing to make sure mold, mildew and other flood-related or fire-related health risks are gone after cleanup and remediation is complete.
  • Risk assessment by our engineers, geologists and scientists to make sure structural and ecological concerns have been adequately considered as part of the disaster recovery plan, helping to reduce risk as well as legal and ethical concerns.
  • Asbestos inspection surveys by professional industrial hygienists to determine if asbestos or other hazardous components impact the disaster recovery process at your location.
  • And so much more.
These specialized services are in addition to the fire damage restoration, water damage restoration and flood damage restoration services that are a normal part of any disaster response operation.

At Orange Disaster Recovery, we stand ready to help whenever disaster strikes. Catastrophic events happen quickly and with little or no warning. That's why we're always here, always ready and always responsive to your needs.

Why not contact us at Orange Disaster Recovery now? It's a smart decision that will lead to swift and complete disaster recovery for you. And it's a decision that will mean things get back to normal quicker and easier than you ever imagined. It really is possible when you call Orange Disaster Recovery.

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  • Orange Disaster Recovery single handedly saved our home after a flash flood, dealt with our insurance so we wouldn't have to, and had us back into a fully restored fome within 48 hours. There are no words to express how grateful we are for their help in our time of need!

    . . .

    Janice Black

  • Orange Disaster Recovery helped us with a situation in December. If you have flood damage, there’s only one place to call. Jonathan and his crew were highly professional, prompt, efficient, and just great people. We had been doing some work on the house when the storms hit. Water was everywhere, both upstairs and down. It was very early and we expected to have to leave a message, but Jonathan answered the phone and came straight over. He gave us an honest assessment of the situation, and his crew came right in and got to work fast. It could have been a terrible situation, but Jonathan and his guys handled everything. Thank you Jonathan and Orange Disaster Recovery!

    . . .
    Ellsie Woodward
  • They went so above an beyond the call for us.. I would not only recommend Orange Disaster Recovery to anyone dealing with water damage. If I’m ever faced with this situation again, I won’t even bother looking, I have their number saved. It’s also worth mentioning that I do not live in their service area, but they didn’t charge me extra for the travel. They simply asked to come out before traffic got bad. I’m beyond satisfied.

    . . .
    John Gombiner

About Orange Disaster Recovery

Your Trusted Catastrophe Response Team

At Orange Disaster Recovery, expect fair pricing, great people, the best equipment and maximum flexibility. These are among the reasons to choose our company for your flood damage cleanup, water damage repair, mold remediation, fire damage restoration services and more.

It starts with fair, honest pricing. We set prices that are below the Xactimate pricelist guidelines established by the insurance companies. Since our overheads are among the lowest in the restoration business and we don't have upscale downtown office space to support, you save. Plus, we don't try to upsell you -- and our estimates are final and accurate. There are no hidden costs when you work with Orange Disaster Recovery.

Our people make a real difference too. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week by real people who work for us. We don't use answering machines, answering services or call centers in India. The technicians who come to your home or company are among the best educated and most experienced in the industry and are IICRC certified too. And we're also committed to green procedures to protect the environment whenever possible.

What else sets Orange Disaster Recovery apart? We think you'll be impressed by:

  • Our respect for your home or business. This results in the most careful flood, fire, water and mold cleanup available from people who really care about putting things right and meeting all safety and industry standards.
  • Our stable of machines and equipment. We keep crucial supplies on hand and have our own restoration machines, vehicles, computers and every piece of state-of-the-art cleanup and testing equipment possible. And we know how to use all of it.
  • Our unmatched creativity. We'll do whatever it takes to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Even if no answer to your restoration problem is in the books, we'll tailor a solution just for you.

Why not contact us now at Orange Disaster Recovery? There are more than enough sound reasons to choose our reputable, established and well-prepared company.

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What our awesome clients say

Great service with fast and relible support The design work and detail put into themes are great.


What our awesome clients say

Great service with fast and reliable support The design work and detail put into themes are great.


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